woensdag 11 januari 2012

Ice cristals in my mind (2007)

Find me a grasp of hope and light the stars in my eyes again.
Like you did on that cold day back then.
No one could see what I saw that day.
The snow around my heart just melted away.
It took one second, one heartbeat,
one inhalation of the air that I breathe.
I tried to look into your frozen mind,
I tried to look back in time.
When my head rested on its last foundations
I found something better than my own imagination.
I could only describe it by the trembling of my lips
and that slowly static reaction in my fingertips.
When you feel like electricity runs through your veins,
sinks to the tip of your toes and goes up to your brains,
when your heartbeat starts taking a higher speed,
then (...) is al you need!

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