vrijdag 27 juli 2012

Hello stranger.

It swells up when I think about the times we would say "I'd never leave you. We will always be best friends."
Because here I am, a few years later, breaking a promise.
We aren't best friends anymore. We aren't even friends. We're just knowledges.

It hurts.
It hurts when I think of all the good times we shared, all the fun we had, all the times when you dried my tears and lent your shoulder to cry on.
And I am crying but your shoulder isn't there anymore. I wish I could tell you how I feel right now.

Remember when we were young and wild? When we laughed about the most stupid things?
Remember doing all those things together?
Remember me?

I hope.
I hope you haven't forgotten all about me.
I hope I still have a place in your heart because you still have a place in mine.
I just f*cking hope we could go back to being friends, being best friends.

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